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Under My Breath

Photo by David Carlyle
Photo by David Carlyle


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I'm a seasoned singer-songwriter/ composer and have been performing live music in Oklahoma for 17 years. I am DIY acoustic alternative punk.

I've played music since the age of 4 when I started playing the organ. I've played several different instruments over the years but my current favorites are guitar, piano, & bass besides singing.


When I'm not playing music I divide my time between being a work from home mom, property manager, handy lady, housekeeper, visual artist, dancer, sound lady, volunteer, advocate, and being committee chair of event coordination for Sisu Youth.

What people say about Elecktra

With the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, the honesty of George Washington, the humanitarianism of Thomas Jefferson, and the exploring heart of Theodore Roosevelt, not only is she like these men day to day, with her upbeat sight on life, she also has tits the size of Mount Rushmore. - Billus5k of Wooden Elbow

"Needs a more electro beat" - Dj Ostara 

"The roster of musicians with whom Elecktra has collaborated is a veritable "who's that" of contemporary music." - Levi Cain


"I bet you tune your guitar with sheer willpower!" - Chase of SafeWord

"NEEDS MORE COWBELL" - Jay Kolniaczek

"She will swoon you with her eclectic chords and sultry serenades... how sexually shocked you'll be when she talks to you in her singing voice." - Jordan Seals-Smith

"Elecktra and I had pizza together once. Elecktra and I have matching shoes" - Bekah June

"Her voice is like a warm hug. Also her hugs are warm." - Tashi Feral

"She's a bodacious bitch." - Aaron Barney

"Her songs make even the most square squares bang their head!!!" -Tyler Burnett

"There's a lot about Elecktra that I admire. She's kind, charitable, charming. She's smart, industrious, and hard working. She's insanely talented; she lives, breathes, and excretes music. But, when it comes down to it, her most admirable quality is that she cooks really yummy food and lets me eat it. More people in the world should be like Elecktra." - Jordan Medley of Suwannee River Knife

Back in 2015 my old band The Uncanny Violet Unicorn was #trumpbumped from the Oklahoma State Fair. I tried to not to say too many horrible things on the news. The Lost Ogle article was the best thing to come out of it!

"Women with strong, sassy personalities are often described as firecrackers, but in the case of Elecktra Stanislava, the term is almost patronizing. If anything, she’s a full barrel of dynamite, and she doesn’t boom for mere spectacle. She instead clears mountainous passes for countless independent artists and organizations."- Jarvix @ Cellar Door Music Group wrote an article & interviewed me! Check it out!

The Unkempt Beaver collective was interviewed & called "mostly wholesome" by Ben Luschen for The Gazette.

Grounded Sounds had me on their podcast to talk about myself & my endeavors! 

"You Keep Rocking Your Gassy Metal Mama Ass Off Elecktra Stanislava, on stage and off!!! You're gonna change the world, absolutely. I'm going to continue to be your #1 fangirl forever. All The Love and Thank You For EVERYTHING!!!" - PJ Reynolds-Richardson founder of Sisu Youth Services, Inc

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